Cafe re-opening

As long as Government guidelines don’t change we are planning to open again when the lockdown ends on Wednesday 2nd December.

We would like to make every day in December Xmas day with all the decorations and scrumptious Xmas food. We therefore plan to have all that you would expect such as turkey and mince pies. We will publish a Xmas menu nearer to December.

Depending on interest we will do a Xmas meal on some days in the week, so please get in touch if this appeals to you. Do not forget that there will still be restrictions and so the numbers will be limited.

Our cafe can only function profitably when people turn up for coffee and food. Whilst in lockdown we have been surviving on grants and deliveries of meals and juice. When the cafe opens again, it needs to pay for staff wages and produce for making food, therefore, we need to be relatively busy each day to survive.

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