Still more apples required!!

We are now in the thick of apple juice production, but we are not getting enough apples this week. We would be very grateful if you have apples of your own, or know other people with excess apples in their gardens we would be very happy to come and collect these apples from you. 

Over the next two weeks we have a group of Princes Trust volunteers here with us decorating our upstairs accommodation. They are quite happy to also help us by collecting apples from gardens and so if you would like to take advantage of this please contact us through !

October Friday Club menu

Friday 1st October
Chicken and mushroom Pie with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Mushroom pie with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting

Friday 8th October
Beef enchiladas with sweetcorn and savoury rice.

Vegetable enchiladas with sweetcorn and savoury rice

Chocolate brownie

Friday 15th October
Sausages and onion gravy with mashed potatoes and carrots

Veggie sausages in onion gravy with mashed potato and carrots.

Fruit salad

Friday 22nd October
Minced lamb hotpot with carrots and cauliflower

Vegetable and bean hotpot

Rice pudding with Apple and cinnamon compote

Friday 29th October
Pork and cider casserole with new potatoes and broccoli

Vegetable casserole with new potato and broccoli

Sticky toffee pudding and custard

Don’t let your apples go to waste

Don’t let your apples go to waste

Did you know that about 70% of apples grown in this country go to waste? Mostly they are left to rot on the ground or end up as compost. This is an awful waste so why not help Congleton buck the trend and make sure your spare apples are put to good use. Volunteers at the Old Saw Mill in Back River Street can use your apples and turn them into delicious apple juice or cider.

It’s sustainable and all the money raised from sales goes to support people in the town who are socially isolated. Currently meals are taken to around 70 local residents every Friday and the money raised also goes towards providing opportunities for people to get work experience in the café.

Peter Ranson a director of the Old Saw Mill said, “We have been making apple juice and cider for nearly ten years and selling it in the town. Last year wasn’t so good due to Covid restrictions but we want to make 2021 the best year ever. Please bring your spare apples to the Old Saw Mill. If we are not open there will be crates outside where you can leave them. If you can’t bring them yourself, bag them up and let us know and we can come and collect. We might even be able to pick them ourselves, but we don’t always have the time when we are busy juicing.

Please don’t bring us rotten apples because we can’t use them.

For everyone who donates a decent load of apples we will give you a free bottle of juice.”

You can contact the Old Saw Mill on 01260 277658  or email us on

Many thanks


Pie, Pint and Music Night

Pie, Pint and Music Night,

The Old Saw Mill, Back River St., CW12 1HJ, Congleton. John Lindley & The Poachers. Highly original, but deeply rooted in the folk tradition with elements of rock and country, John Lindley’s evocative songs explore the vagaries of life – lovingly, wryly and, at times, angrily. Predominantly acoustic, but with the addition of electric instruments too, and featuring whistle, mandolin and melodeon, the superb musicianship of his band, The Poachers, with their varied and innovative arrangements, ensures a memorable evening. All money from sales of their albums on the night will be donated to Save the Children. 6.30 pm. Friday 22nd October 2021. £15. Booking essential. Tickets available from The Old Saw Mill. Tel: 01260 277658.

Apple Juicing at Green Fayre week

As you may all know we are currently busy juicing apples for juice and cider. We will continue this until at least the end of October. Therefore during the week of the Climate Festival and Green Fayre, we are inviting people to attend our juicing and bottling sessions. Please see details below.

Event location: The Old Saw Mill, Back River Street, Congleton 

Date and time of event(s):

Monday 25th October – Washing and mincing apples then juicing

Tuesday 26th October– Bottling the apple juice, pasteurising, shrink topping and labelling 

Apples are brought from gardens in and around Congleton and processed in the Old Saw Mill to make juice and cider which sold in variety of local outlets, including the Makers Market and Rode Hall Farmers Market. All proceeds contribute to meeting the aims of the Old Saw Mill. 

Maximum number of participants: 5

September Friday meals

Friday 3rd Sept Pork stroganoff with rice and green beans. Or Mushroom stroganoff. Bakewell tart traybake Friday 10th Sept Beef lasagne, garlic bread and sweet corn. Or Vegetable lasagne. chocolate cake filled with fresh whipped cream Friday 18th Sept Roast chicken fillet with stuffing, pigs …

Congleton Climate Festival Week and Green Fayre 23rd to 30th October:

Congleton Sustainability Group and Congleton Town Council are holding a Climate Festival Week of events and Green Fayre to highlight to our community how important the COP26 negotiations are to us all and what each and everyone of us can do in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint. To that end we are planning to base the Festival Week around the key themes of our soon to be launched eLearning ‘Sustainable Living in Congleton’ course, namely Energy, Water, Travel, Waste and Food.

Specifically, the Saw Mill will be holding apple pressing demonstrations during the week.

The Green Fayre will be held on Saturday 30th October between 10am and 3pm with stalls and presentation space on Congleton High Street. The High Street will be closed to traffic. The monthly Makers Market will be held at the same time in the town centre, same day maximising the potential footfall, weather permitting! There will be over 30 stalls.

COP26 stands for the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties that signed up to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992. 197 nations (Parties) signed up to the UNFCCC Treaty to ‘prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system’ in 1992. The Treaty puts the onus on developed countries to lead the way. The COP is the decision-making body and meets every year (but cancelled last year).

There have been three subsequent treaties, of which The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 and the Copenhagen Accord of 2009 both failed to deliver. However the Paris Agreement of 2015 was a success with every nation pledging to constrain emissions so as to reach net zero by 2050 and the richer nations re-pledging to provide $100 billion a year to help the poorest countries mitigate and adapt to climate change.

BUT current climate pledges are not enough to meet either of the Paris goals. Current warming is +1.2°C., increasing by 0.2°C. each decade. With current policies global warming will be 2.9°C. by 2100, which spells complete disaster.

COP26 is the first COP after the deadline whereby all nations agreed to ratchet up their nationally determined contributions and communicate their long-term strategies for achieving net-zero emissions and for the $100bn a year to help poorer countries to be paid.

COP26 is therefore incredibly important for the future of the planet.