How can you support us?

This is a reminder of how you can support us, through various schemes we are introducing

Loyalty scheme

Don’t forget our Loyalty Scheme has been resurrected. Our new scheme is very similar. You can join the scheme by clicking on the link below and filling in the application form which is also available in the Old Saw Mill. For £3 per month or £35 per year you will get:

  1. A loyalty card to prove you have signed up.
  2. A 10% discount on all food and drinks you purchase in our café
  3. Every month a free gift, typically a cake or biscuit and a cup of tea or coffee to wash it down.

Please find attached a loyalty card application form, If you want more information, next time you are in why not talk to one of our loyal staff who will do their best to answer any questions you have.

More details can be found at:

Meal voucher scheme

We have introduced meal vouchers which can be distributed to those in greatest need which entitles them to claim a meal and drink in the café or a takeaway. In order to cover the costs of this initiative, we are asking local residents, organisations and businesses to make a donation so we can cover the cost of the meals.

For example £18 would provide a meal for a family of three but we would be more than happy to receive any amount towards our costs.

If you would like to help out please bring your donation into the Old Saw Mill or make a bank transfer into our account clearly marking it Meal Scheme.

(The Old Saw Mill CBS            Sort Code: 20-82-13                Account no: 70209244)

More details can be found at:

Gift tokens

We are now offering gift vouchers for the Old Saw Mill, these can be purchased as a gift for a perhaps a special occasion like a birthday, or just a general act of kindness from one friend to another.

Gift vouchers will be available in all values, and cover the cost of all products we have available.

For example, a perfect use for our gift vouchers is to gift an afternoon tea for two. As you probably know by now our (pre-booked) afternoon teas are available inside the café and to take out.

To enquire about our gift vouchers, get in touch via:


Phone: 01260 277 658


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