Well, we had to cancel St Patricks Night! What’s happening goodness only knows, the café is quiet too :(.

All suggestions as to solutions will be very welcome…



  1. I’m sorry you to hear that you are lacking footfall.
    One problem I and my friends encountered on our last visit was that people were packed in very close together. You had two tables of 8 and the other tables were full. I love the sawmill but it wasn’t a good experience that day.
    I think the other problem is that when people are in town they think its too far to walk if they’ve walked from home.
    There is no parking.

    1. Thank you for comments, we appreciate the observations very much. We understand things can get quite hectic at the Old Saw Mill, but overall we haven’t got enough space to do anything different. Unfortunately, if we reduce the number of spaces, then we reduce turnover. You’re very welcome to come to the AGM on June 24th 2022, where we will discuss these kind of issues. Kindest Regards, Lili

  2. Re Café footfall.
    I am a keen cyclist and (all being well) will be calling in on Monday 18th with a couple of friends for our 1st visit.
    You may already do this but……..have you considered targeting cycling clubs. Maybe offer a discount for pre-booked club rides. That might bring a few more people in and some repeat business. At this time of year there is scope for evening rides as well as weekends.
    We aren’t club riders, but imagine it may appeal to those who are.

    1. Thank you very much, this is an excellent suggestion and something we will definitely look in to. Hope to see you soon! Kindest Regards, Lili

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