The Repair Cafe at The Old Saw Mill

Another great event

A brilliantly busy one last month! Lots of fixes, new volunteers, community groups coming together and loads of lovely people! Nice one Congleton ✊

Had some great stuff in at the last repair cafe, a lot brimming with sentimental value:

  • A wind up musical marching man
  • A Blastoise plushie teddy
  • A tartan clad clock
  • A child’s chair
  • LOADS of bikes (a donation of rhubarb for one of them! Amazing!)

The next event will be May 28th, 10-2 @ The Old Saw Mill

Hope to see you there, lets get repairing!


  1. Thank you so much for repairing my son’s plush toy ~ Blastoise!!! We’ve owned Blastoise a long time and is very special to us , we are so grateful your lovely lady repaired his blasters! And made a lovely job too thank you

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for bringing Blastoise along – he was very charming, I see why he’s held in such high regard :)! I’m so glad you’re happy with the repair and thank you for your lovely comment. If you’ve got anything else that needs repairing we would love to see you at the next Repair Cafe event on Saturday May 28th 10am-2pm. Many thanks and kindest regards, Lili

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