Our Loyalty and Shareholder Schemes

Loyalty and Share Holder Schemes

Here is a reminder of how you can further support us through our loyalty and shareholder schemes…

You can join the scheme by clicking on the link below and filling in the application form which is also available in the Old Saw Mill. For £3 per month or £35 per year you will get:

Loyalty Card Application Form (1)

  1. A loyalty card to prove you have signed up.
  2. A 10% discount on all food and drinks you purchase in our café
  3. Every month a free gift, typically a cake or biscuit and a cup of tea or coffee to wash it down.

If you eat in the café at least twice a month you will easily get your money back.

If you want more information, next time you are in why not talk to one of our loyal staff who will do their best to answer any questions you have.


Why not become a Shareholder

If you would like to get further involved and support our work in the local community why not think about becoming a shareholder of the Old Saw Mill. We are currently providing about 80 meals weekly to people in their own homes and are starting a meal voucher scheme to support people who are being badly hit by the reduction in Universal Credit as well as higher energy and food costs.

If you buy shares, you will not only get all the benefits of the Loyalty Scheme but also you will be able to attend our Annual Meeting and elect the members of the Board of Trustees. You may even want to become a board member yourself.

An application to purchase shares can be found by clicking the link below or you can pick one up in the Old Saw Mill.

The Old Saw Mill Share Application Form v1

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