Fire’s in Congleton – A Walk

Nowhere escapes the ravages of fire, Congleton is no different. It’s impossible to tell the story of The Old Saw Mill without talking about fires that have influenced its evolution: the first in 1984, then 1998 and finally in 2019. Peter will relate the story against the background of other fires that have had a dramatic effect on the town. These will take place on two dates Thursday 15th and 22nd of September. Starting at 2pm outside the TIC and finishing around 4pm with tea, coffee and cakes at The Old Saw Mill, price £5.


  1. The dates we missed out of the newsletter…

    Thursday 15th Septmeber 2022
    Thursday 22nd September 2022

    Starting at 2pm outside of the TIC and finshing with tea and cake at the Old Saw Mill cafe around 4pm.

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