Let’s Talk About Climate Change

As you all probably know by now Congleton Climate Festival & Green Fayre is happening this month and there’s plenty of events lined up!

We’re trying to get as involved as possible like everyone in town and this means we’re the venue for some events and we’d love to see you. Below are four talks from Mark Thompson that will take place here at the Old Saw Mill between September 21st and 22nd where he will share his extensive knowledge around decarbonisation, Heating your home, Electric vehicles and misinformation on climate change.


21st September at the Old Saw Mill in Congleton

Decarbonisation – How the UK is REALLY doing!

Join Mark from 6 pm – 7 pm for a fascinating insight! Understand the true scale of the problem, the progress being made and how to stay positive despite the enormity of the challenge ahead!

Misinformation on Climate Change

Join Mark from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm for a discussion on misinformation where it comes from (not necessarily always what you might expect as the sources), how to spot it, and easy things anyone can do to reduce its impact. Mark researched this really thoroughly in the last 6 months – it’s chilling what is actually going on!


22nd September at the Old Saw Mill in Congleton

Heating your home – How to reduce costs

Join Mark from 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm for a discussion on how to improve thermal comfort while also reducing cost and carbon. We will also take a look into the future of heat pumps.  This is far more than just being a dull talk about insulation, as it includes lots of less well-known insights and tricks. Hugely useful given energy cost hikes again in the autumn. Includes a Q&A.

Electric Vehicles – Facts, Myths & Real-World Experiences

Join Mark from 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm for a discussion on the move to electric vehicles, it’s happening. We will get under the skin of the perceived issues and impacts of the move to electric vehicles. Includes environmental impact, power grid capacity and EV charging infrastructure.

Further details are available at the link below, just scroll down the page to find what you need.


Some of the events need booking, the links aren’t on the website yet but you will be able to book using the link above closer to the time but if you’d like to register your interest in the meantime, please Email Cathy on cathy.dean@congleton-tc.gov.uk

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