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Apple Juice and Cider

Made on site at the Back River Street cafe, The Old Saw Mill hosts its own apple juice, cider and cider vinegar making facilities…

Subject to apple supplies, The Old Saw Mill has its own apple pressing team of volunteers who work hard to provide the cafe, local markets and general public with fresh apple juice, cider and cider vinegar.

Freshly bottled, the apple pressing team utilise kind donations of surplus and windfall apples from the local community in order to produce the highly sought after fresh apple produce.

Donations are welcome if you have any apples that can be utilised!

If you would like to experience how we make our yummy apple produce and sample the goods then please feel free to pop in during the months of August, September and October and watch the magic!


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Apples: A huge thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who has donated apples to us here at the Old Saw Mill over the last 12 weeks!
With your donations we have been able make around 2700 bottles of apple juice and will have over 500 litres of cider. Hopefully all will be sold before the new season starts in September 2022.
The proceeds will continue to be used to support the good work of the Old Saw Mill and provide socially isolated individuals with meals delivered to their homes.
Regarding further donation of apples, please do not bring us anymore as we have now finished for 2021! We will start juicing again around August 2022!
Thanks again!

Apples! Apples! Apples!

Our plea for apples has been extremely successful so far and we would like to thank everyone who has participated in donating and collecting the apples.

However, our plea is not yet over, and we are still requesting any apples of your own, or from others you may know with excess apples in their gardens, and we would be very happy to come and collect these apples from you.

Still more apples required!!

We are now in the thick of apple juice production, but we are not getting enough apples this week. We would be very grateful if you have apples of your own, or know other people with excess apples in their gardens we would be very happy to come and collect these apples from you. 

Over the next two weeks we have a group of Princes Trust volunteers here with us decorating our upstairs accommodation. They are quite happy to also help us by collecting apples from gardens and so if you would like to take advantage of this please contact us through info@theoldsawmill.org !

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