Brain Gym News

Our next ‘Gym’ session will be on Tuesday 10th May 3:30pm-4:30pm.

Why not come along for some ‘brain exercise’ and also bring along a brain teaser of your own for us to solve.

Two to keep you going…

“A man pushes his car to a hotel and tells the owner he’s bankrupt why? “

“I left my tent and walked South for 3 miles. Then I turned East and walked three more miles, then went north for three miles. I ended up back at my tent where a bear was eating my food. What colour was the bear? “

We hope to see you at the next session!

Annual Meeting 2022

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Friday 20th May at 4:30pm in the OSM.

Everyone is invited to attend and contribute to the meeting, but only shareholders will be able to vote and elect members, and others, of the management board.

We will report on what we have been doing and also want to share with everyone our plans for the future. We have some important decisions to make to ensure the OSM will be sustainable through what will be a difficult period.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Best Wishes from,

The staff and directors of the OSM

The Repair Cafe at The Old Saw Mill

Another great event

A brilliantly busy one last month! Lots of fixes, new volunteers, community groups coming together and loads of lovely people! Nice one Congleton ✊

Had some great stuff in at the last repair cafe, a lot brimming with sentimental value:

A wind up musical marching man
A Blastoise plushie teddy
A tartan clad clock
A child’s chair
LOADS of bikes (a donation of rhubarb for one of them! Amazing!)
The next event will be Saturday May 28th, 10am-2pm @ The Old Saw Mill 

Hope to see you there, lets get repairing!

Updates on groups at the Old Saw Mill

As promised there are some updates on groups starting and continuing to gather at the Old Saw Mill…

FREE Women’s Wellbeing Support Group
Welcome Wondrous Women! This Peer Support group is open to all Women aged 18+ and will be taking place, in person at The Old Saw Mill. This group provides a safe space for Women to gather, feel free, connect, share, listen, uplift and support one another. A community of women supporting women, promoting good mental health and wellbeing.

Supported by a community of like-minded women, this is a space where you can celebrate and embrace your inner strength and individuality. Share your hopes, dreams and struggles with the aim of healing, inspiring, uplifting and growing.


The Old Saw Mill, Back River St. Congleton, CW12 1HJ


Every other Monday, 1:00pm-2:30pm

Starting: Monday 9th May

Monday 23rd May

Monday 6th June

Monday 20th June

Monday 4th July

Monday 18th July

Spaces are limited and advanced booking is essential. Follow the link below to book your space.

Community Yoga and Mindfulness sessions – The Old Saw Mill, Congleton, 11.30am – 1.00pm
Classes will now take place on the last Monday of each month on the following dates:

30th May
27th June
25th July
29th August
26th September
31st October
Free of charge and complimentary lite brunch included.

Places are limited and must be reserved prior to attending.  To book, please contact

Would you like afternoon tea for the Queen’s Jubilee?

Our afternoon teas are great to eat in or take-away here at the Old Saw Mill available at £12.50 per person!

But would you fancy takeaway afternoon teas for the Queens Jubilee during the bank holiday weekend in June? Perfect for street parties with friends and family… Date to be confirmed soon

 Afternoon teas include (per person):

A selection of sandwiches and cakes
A scone with homemade jam and cream
Mini Quiche or Sausage roll
Please contact us if you’re interested or would like to know more…

Email: or Call us on 01260 277658.


St George’s Night

Following on from our previous Friday night events we are delighted to announce that…

St George’s night will be Friday April 22nd .

The evening will follow the usual format of arriving at 6:30pm for 7pm, followed by  main and a pud and then the usual sing-alongs, quizzes and frivolities. 

Theme to be confirmed as we’re still pondering…
We want the evening to be representative of what is going on around the world not just in England, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Brain Gym Group

Starting Tuesday 12th April 3:30-4:30pm we are holding a ‘BRAIN GYM GROUP’. We hope to hold it on the 2nd Tuesday of each month: (10th May, 14th June, 12th July).
We’ll be setting you things to solve and share of various levels of difficulty and you can also bring your own. (Number, Shape, Words, Logic etc).
Here’s one to get you going…
If you throw one dart at a standard dart board what is the lowest score you CANNOT get?
What is the lowest score you CANNOT get with three darts all scoring?
Answers on 12th April 3:30-4:30 @ the Old Saw Mill
For further details call Peter R on 07717003847

Another Repair Café Success!

With the help of all the volunteers we’ve successfully held three amazing Repair Café events here at the Old Saw Mill.
The last event saw 25+ things fixed, including a wide variety of items from… Clothes, Lamps, Dolls Houses and Refitting Bicycle seats! It really is amazing what the volunteer repairers can do.
So, do you have something that could do with a fix? Or do you just want some advice on how best to use certain appliances? Come on down to the next repair café event…
The next event is Saturday 30th April @ the Old Saw Mill 10am-2pm
Hope to see you there – Let’s get repairing not replacing!!

Developing new groups…

I hope by now you’ve all heard about the peer led group ‘BRO’s’ – organised by Mike Henshall here at the Old Saw Mill. BRO’s had a very successful launch month with old friends reuniting and new friends coming together.


Mike’s colleague Collette has decided to start a similar women’s group in May, with further details to follow. This group will run on opposite Mondays to the Bro’s group. So, this means bros will run fortnightly alongside the new group, when it starts. But don’t worry, Mike already has some plans on how to spend the week away from the OSM!

We will update you with more info in the next newsletter when we know more!