Apple Juice is not just for Christmas – Our Homemade Produce

Here’s a reminder that our Old Saw Mill homemade produce is available all year round.
We currently have a variety of our produce available:
Chilli Jam
Mixed Berry Jam
Plum Jam
Christmas Chutney
Orchard Chutney
Prices for our Jars
Small Jars and Jars closer to their use by date are available – 1 for £2 or 3 for £5
Large jars are available – 1 for £3 or 3 for £8

Apple Juice and Cider:
Bottles of AJ & Cider come in 750ml bottles and are available at –
1 bottle £3.50
2 bottles £6
3 bottles £9
6 bottles £17
12 bottles £30
Bottles of our Apple Cider Vinegar come in small 330ml bottles for £2 or large 750ml bottles for £4
As you probably all know by now the Old Saw Mill are now making Mary Brown’s Traditional Congleton Gingerbread. This is absolutely gorgeous if you’re fancying a bit of nostalgia, or even wanting to try something new.
Packets are available 1 for £3 or 2 for £5, we are out at the moment but keep an eye on our pages to see when a fresh batch is ready.

Christmas Lunch at the Old Saw Mill

We will be doing Christmas Lunch in three forms again this year at the Old Saw Mill.

Number 1 – Christmas Lunch in the café throughout December.

We will have Christmas Lunch available to book in the café from November 28th until December 23rd.

This will be in the café between our normal opening times.

Number 2 – Old Saw Mill Lunch club deliveries

Our usual Friday lunch delivery volunteers will be delivering Christmas Lunch to our regular Old Saw Mill lunch club customers, who receive our weekly meal deliveries, on Friday 23rd December. We already have over 90 meals which will be going out into the community, but if you or anyone you know could benefit from a meal delivery this Christmas please get in touch, using the details above, we’d love to help!!

Christmas Lunch with us, in the café, will consist of…

Full Turkey Lunch with all the trimmings
Christmas pudding
A glass of fizz, wine or apple juice
Complimentary Xmas cracker
The price will be £15 per person for bookings in the café during the month of December, we expect to receive some sponsorship for the lunch on Christmas day, which should reduce the price (on Christmas day only).

Number 3 – Old Saw Mill Christmas Lunch on Christmas day

The Old Saw Mill will be open for Christmas Lunch on Christmas day for friends of the Old Saw Mill who’d rather not spend Christmas on their own. We know that Christmas day can be a miserable one to be on your own so if you or anyone you know could use some company and a warm plate of food on Christmas day then please get in touch we have plenty of spaces available.

We are asking all parties and individuals to pre book with us via any of the following platforms: telephone – 01260 277658 | email – | Facebook – .

Just to make sure we have enough turkey to feed you all and enough volunteers to make your meal that extra bit more special.

Christmas and New Year Closures 2022-23

As a side note, we will close at 2pm from Friday 23rd December to Tuesday 3rd January 2023 (inclusive), for a very well deserved break. Of course, we will be open for Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day!

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club – November Menu

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club – November Menu

Friday 4th November
Chicken Chasseur and new potatoes with mixed veg
Vegetable and Bean Casserole (v) (Celery, Lactose)
Apple Cake (Gluten, Lactose, Eggs)

Friday 11th November
Roast loin of Pork with stuffing and apple sauce with roast potatoes,
Cauliflower, carrots and gravy. (Gluten, Lactose)

Vegetable enchiladas (Gluten, Lactose)
Ginger Sponge and custard (Gluten, Lactose)

Friday 18th November
Cheese and Onion Pie with ratatouille (Gluten, Lactose, Mustard)
Flapjack (None)

Friday 25th November
Chicken Tagine and Rice with mixed vegetables
Vegetable and Chickpea tagine with rice and mixed vegetables (v)
Mandarin orange cheesecake (Gluten, Lactose)

Christmas Meals

And of course, Christmas is coming!
Usual Christmas plans here: come and have Christmas Lunch with your friends, please book a week before, price £15 for a traditional main and pud plus a glass of fizzy or apple juice
Old Saw Mill lunch club will be delivering Christmas meals on Friday 23rd December to our usual customers.
And on Christmas Day itself we’ll be serving traditional fare to those who would otherwise be on their own on this special day, price £15 per head but we’ll probably find financial support for that day!

September Lunch Club Menu

September Lunch Club Menu


Friday 2nd September

Minced beef and onion pie

New potatoes, Carrots and swede

(Gluten, egg,milk)

Cheese and onion pie (v) with New potatoes, Carrots and swede

(Gluten, milk, egg)

Coffee and walnut traybake (gluten, eggs, nuts)

Friday 9th September

Lasagne with garlic bread and salad

Pasta bolognaise (Dairy free)

Pasta free lasagne made with courgettes

peach , raspberry and almond cake

( eggs,nuts, gluten)

Friday 16th September

Roast chicken with stuffing(gluten)

New potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli and gravy

Vegan sausages with onion gravy

New potatoes and Carrots,

(soya, gluten)

Fruit salad (no allergens)

Friday 23rd September

Beef bourguignon (sulphites) with Mashed potato

Carrots and green beans

Mushroom bourguignon

Gingerbread and custard

( gluten, eggs, milk)

Friday 30th September

Mediterranean chicken with New potatoes, Carrots and cabbage

 (no allergens)

Vegetable tagine with New potatoes, Carrots and cabbage

(no allergens)

Fruit Cheesecake (milk, gluten)

Fruit salad (no allergens)

p.s view this post on our website for an easier read 🙂

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club August Menu

Our Lunch Club is still going strong – here’s this months menu to tickle your taste buds. 

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club – August Menu

Friday 5th August

Fish pie with mixed vegetables
Allergens- milk, fish
Vegetarian cottage pie
Allergens, soya,milk

Chocolate tray bake
Allergens (eggs,milk,gluten)

Friday 12th August

Roast turkey with stuffing
Allergens gluten
Veggie sausage casserole
Allergens soya
Roast potatoes, Carrots and swede
Cabbage and gravy

Apple crumble and custard
Allergens- gluten, milk

Friday 19th August

Pork stroganoff with new potatoes
Mushroom stroganoff with new potatoes
Broccoli and carrots
Allergens- gluten, milk

Allergens Gluten,milk

Friday 25th August
Beef casserole with mash, (milk, mustard, celery, gluten)
Chick pea and sweet potato curry and rice( no allergens)
Carrots and peas

Carrot cake
Allergens Eggs, gluten,milk

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club for July

Friday 1st July
Minced beef pie with new potatoes, carrots and green beans (Gluten, mustard, celery)
Cheese and onion pie with new potatoes, carrots and green beans
Orange drizzle cake (gluten, eggs, milk)

Friday 8th July
Lasagne with salad and coleslaw (Gluten, milk, mustard)
Veg lasagne with salad and coleslaw ( gluten, milk, mustard)
Peach, almond and raspberry traybake ( gluten, eggs, almonds, milk)

Friday 15th July
Roast pork, stuffing and apple sauce ( gluten)
Nut roast (Nuts, soya,gluten)
Roast potatoes, Carrots and swede, Broccoli and gravy
Fruit trifle (Gluten, eggs,milk)

Friday 22nd July
Cheese and onion Quiche with new potatoes and salad (Gluten, milk, eggs, mustard)
Fruit pavlova (eggs, milk)

Friday 29th July
Spanish chicken traybake
Or Spanish style Vegetable and butterbean tray bake
with new potatoes, Carrots and cauliflower
Fruit cheesecake (gluten, lactose)

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club menu for June

Old saw mill Lunch club June menu

Friday 3rd June
Chicken breast in a mushroom sauce
Stuffed mushrooms (Gluten, milk)
Jersey royal potatoes
Mixed vegetables
Jubilee cupcake (eggs, gluten, milk)

Friday 10th June
Cottage pie or veggie cottage pie
Carrots,Peas and gravy (gluten, milk, mustard)
Coffee and walnut traybake (eggs, gluten, milk)

Friday 17th June
Roast chicken with stuffing (gluten)
Aubergine bake ( milk)
Roast potatoes, carrots and green beans and gravy
Fruit crumble and custard ( gluten, milk)

Friday 24th June
Beef casserole ( gluten, mustard) or vegetable and lentil casserole
Mashed potato (Milk, mustard)
Carrots and peas
Homemade shortbread biscuits (Gluten, milk)

Old Saw Mill Lunch Club April

After much debate, we have agreed to call our Friday meal delivery service, ‘The Old Saw Mill Lunch Club’.  We are still successfully delivering around 80+ meals per week to individuals in Congleton and will continue to do so… 

Below please find a copy of May’s Old Saw Mill Lunch Club menu:

Friday 6th May

Chicken Chasseur (no allergens)


Mediterranean vegetable and chickpea Chasseur (no allergens)

New potatoes


Lemon drizzle cake

(Allergens gluten, eggs)

Friday 13th May

 Roast Pork with stuffing (allergens gluten)


Nut roast allergens (gluten,nuts)

Roast potatoes





(Allergens milk, gluten)

Friday 20th May

Chicken enchiladas (Allergens gluten, milk)


Vegetable enchiladas (Allergens gluten, milk)

Savoury rice


Peach and raspberry traybake

 (Allergens gluten, eggs, almonds, milk)

Friday 27th May

Cheese and onion quiche with new potatoes and salad

 (Allergens gluten,eggs,milk)

Scone with homemade jam and whipped cream

 (Allergens gluten, eggs, milk)

Meals on Wheels for March

We are still successfully delivering 80+ meals to individuals within our community through our meals on wheels scheme. If you or anyone you may know would benefit from one of our Friday Lunch deliveries, please contact us at the Old Saw Mill by:


Phone: 01260 277 658


Please find below this month’s Lunch Club menu:

Friday 4th March

Roast pork with stuffing, Roast potatoes, Carrots and swede, White cabbage and Gravy (gluten, milk)

Veggie option

Stuffed peppers (milk, gluten)

Roast potatoes, carrots and swede, cabbage.

Chocolate brownie  ( eggs, milk, gluten)

Friday 11th March

Sausage and Mash with carrots, peas and gravy ( gluten, milk)

Veggie option

Veggie sausages and mash with carrots, peas and gravy ( gluten, milk)

Apple crumble and custard  ( eggs, gluten, milk)

Friday 18th March

Chicken casserole with new potatoes, broccoli and carrots. ( gluten)

Veggie option

Mediterranean chickpea and vegetable stew with new potatoes, broccoli and carrots (none)

Lemon drizzle( eggs, gluten, milk)

Friday 25th March

Cottage pie with carrots and broccoli ( gluten, milk)

Veggie option

Veggie cottage pie (gluten, milk)

Berry cheesecake ( milk, gluten)