John’s showing the postponed May film ‘Don’t Look Back‘ this month. Words from John below on the film …

As you should all know by now, the Classic Movies I show are old ones. Well, for June, I’m bucking the trend. This month’s film first appeared a mere 57 years ago. Goodness me! That makes it practically a new release in my book!

I’ve plumped for Dont Look Back. (Blame those who titled the picture for its missing apostrophe!) Released in 1967, it’s regarded as one of the most brilliant explorations into Cinéma vérité (Truth cinema) ever made, not just in music, but in any genre. (If you’re unfamiliar with the term Cinéma vérité, think of an unscripted, observational, ‘fly on the wall’ approach to film-making.) This documentary, shot in 1965, captures Bob Dylan on what proved to be his very last solo tour, as he plays concert halls across England. Bored with his older material and excited by his newer songs, we see him on the cusp of what would become a major breakthrough. In the year that, more than any other, he could be viewed as a ‘pop’ sensation, Dylan performs for adoring audiences who are blithely unaware of his increasing discomfort with the tag of ‘Spokesman for a Generation’ that he has been branded with.


As well as providing a fascinating look at mid-sixties England, Dont Look Back is absorbing, funny, confrontational and unpredictable. The social exchanges and press interviews prove as fascinating at times as Dylan’s hypnotic onstage performances. Also featuring appearances by Alan Price, Joan Baez, Donovan and John Mayall, the highly influential Dont Look Back has been much revered and imitated but never bettered. An absolute treat! Here’s a brief clip:


The date is Friday 28th June. Please book early if you’d like to attend. These evenings are often a sell-out. £12 for non-members of the OSM and £10 for members. Please ring the Old Saw Mill on 01260 277658 if you’d like to come. Doors will open at 5.30 pm. The excellent pie, peas and mashed potatoes supper is served at 6.00 pm followed by my introduction to the film and then the showing of the movie.