Upcoming Events – Fun, Film and Frolic

The Old Saw Mill is continuing to provide entertaining events to attend and enjoy while supporting a valuable community resource. Let’s see what’s on: more fun, film and frolic.

Following a successful 60s night the OSM will be hosting a Sensational Seventies Night on Friday 21st October. There will be a nostalgic meal accompanied with music and what a variety of music, from disco through glam rock to prog rock and eventually Punk. Do you know your 70s, you will be quizzed. Who was the singer with T-Rex? What were the names of the journalists who exposed Watergate? To relax before the evening ends there will be a sing along. Get out the flares and the tie-dye shirts. Who will dare to wear hot pants. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start, tickets £15 (£12 with loyalty card). Booking is essential, afro hair optional. 

Friday 28th October sees the regular and popular film spot hosted by John Lindley. This month’s film is a well-loved classic, Singin’ in the Rain. As always, the film follows a lovely Old Saw Mill meal and an introduction of interesting snippets of little-known facts about the film provided by John. Doors open at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start and tickets cost £10 (£8 with loyalty card). Early booking advised as these nights have a reputation for selling out quickly.

On Remembrance Day the OSM will brighten the mood with a Saw Mill Swing Evening.  We promise you won’t need your ration card to get a period meal. There will be big band music and a soupcon of Vera Lynn. After your meal the action moves upstairs to the 40s dance hall. Dig out the stockings and suspenders or the gravy browning! Can you remember the Jitterbug and the Jive. Get in the mood with Glen Miller. Come and dance for victory on 11th November at 6.30pm. Tickets are £15 (£12 for loyalty card holders). Booking required.

It’s a bumper year for Apples

2022 is a bumper year for apples. We are getting large amounts delivered to the OSM. Before the end of September, we will have produced over 2000 bottles of juice and 500+ litres of cider more already than the whole of the 2021 season. We are expecting that the season this year will be much shorter than previous years when we have continued until late November.
With so many apples storage of the full bottles is becoming a real problem because space in the OSM is limited. Hopefully we can find somewhere to take it which is close by.
We will also need additional outlets for the juice if we are to sell it all before the 2023 season starts. Any ideas??

Craft Group at the Old Saw Mill

Come and Join our craft afternoon upstairs at the OSM on Wednesday’s 2pm – 4pm. 

Try a new craft, or share a craft you love. We have some resources for you to use but feel free to bring your own. A brilliant opportunity to meet new people and to follow a hobby during the winter months… 

Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, Cross-Stitch, Sewing, Patchwork, Art work, Card-making and more crafts. 

New Lights at the Old Saw Mill

Everyone at the Old Saw Mill are delighted to have new lights installed in our large meeting room, thanks to local company Eric Charlesworth Electrical (Contractors) Limited. It has made a huge difference to the room and the lights look so much better than the old ones.

Peter Ranson, one of our directors said, “Just like every small business we are facing huge increases in our electricity bill and when Mr John Charlesworth offered to install better and much more energy efficient lights for us, we were absolutely delighted. They have made the atmosphere in the room so much nicer and it’s so good that such a well-respected local company felt able to help us out in this way.”

Lottery Fund Success

We applied to the Lottery Fund for support, for the Old Saw Mill Lunch Club to keep the cost to our customers the same and have been granted £10,000 which of course is fabulous news for the project. Remember if you know anyone who ought to be receiving the meals put them in touch with us, please.

Heating Bills

Topical subject to us all I know, but as you’d guess it’s a huge issue at the Saw Mill because there’s no gas connected here. Pre Covid we were paying about £270 per month; we’ve just been informed that our new monthly payment is £1996: admittedly, that’s without the much-hyped Government support but goodness only knows how we’re going to absorb these costs. Thinking caps on please!

Christmas Meals

And of course, Christmas is coming!
Usual Christmas plans here: come and have Christmas Lunch with your friends, please book a week before, price £15 for a traditional main and pud plus a glass of fizzy or apple juice
Old Saw Mill lunch club will be delivering Christmas meals on Friday 23rd December to our usual customers.
And on Christmas Day itself we’ll be serving traditional fare to those who would otherwise be on their own on this special day, price £15 per head but we’ll probably find financial support for that day!

We’ve Started Juicing!!

We’ve already been receiving plenty of apple donations from our wonderful community – keeping us extra busy. We’ve now started juicing and produced just over 400 bottles of apple juice so far, so if you’re stocks are running low come and get some!! But it doesn’t stop here so…
If you have apple trees in your garden and end up with spare apples, please don’t let them go to waste. Bring them along to the Old Saw Mill and we will turn them into our famous apple juice, cider and cider vinegar. All the proceeds from sales will be used to enable the OSM to remain open and continue to support our local community. Remember our dedicated team of volunteers take over 80 meals a week to people isolated in their homes. For many this is the only visit they get all week. Your apples really could make all the difference! Plus, if you bring enough, we will even give you a fresh bottle of juice to enjoy.
If you can’t get your apples to us but can bag them up, we’ll collect them or we can even pick them as well if that would help. There is also a drop off point for apples to be deposited at Astbury Mere, this is located between the visitor centre and the café marked with a ‘apples here please’ sign.
We usually juice the apples on a Monday and then transfer into bottles on Tuesday. There are up to 4 of us that do this, but not everyone can work every week so if anyone wants to help just call the number below or email info@theoldsawmill.org.
This year we are making an extra effort to collect the apples ourselves where people can’t drop them off at the café or they just have too many such as from a small orchard. This in particular would require more volunteers to help.
For more details, call in to see us or ring on 07368614156.

The Next Film Night – Born Yesterday

So, our next film night is already upon us – yes, it’s September already!
Our next Classic Movie Night at the Old Saw Mill will be on Friday 23rd September- showing the fabulous 1950’s romantic comedy Born Yesterday (see below).

Please book early if you’d like to come. All 3 of these evenings to date have been sell-outs and there were a few of you who missed out last time. Please ring the Old Saw Mill on 01260 277658 if you’d like to come. Doors will open at 5.30 pm. The food is served at 6.00 pm followed by a brief introduction to the film and then the showing of the movie. Cost is £10 for non-members of the OSM and £8 for members.

Below find a brief description of the film.

Born Yesterday (1950)
Whether we’re talking Easter Parade, My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman or others, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion theme has been interpreted many times but never so brilliantly as in this dynamite romantic comedy. Starring ‘Golden Boy’, William Holden and the dazzling Judy Holliday, this movie of double-dealing, chicanery and shady political machinations is as searingly relevant today as it was then. First released on 25th December 1950, Born Yesterday proved to be the best Christmas present any lover of great movies could wish for. A comedic tour-de-force by Judy Holliday (who was to tragically die from cancer just 2 weeks short of her 44th birthday) landed her the best actress Oscar.


We’re a Warm Place

Already there are people we know struggling with costs so we want to make sure our community knows the Saw Mill is a welcoming place that we’ll try to keep warm; to welcome people who just want to come and avoid their own fuel bills for a few hours.
We might shuffle you around the place to continue to serve customers, but be assured if you know of someone that needs a warm place with a cuppa or 2 then send them our way. We can cuddle together if all else fails to keep us warm!! Remember free WiFi so you can work or keep up with your favourite soap too, but bring your headphones!