All the indications are that there will be a bumper apple crop this Autumn. If you have apple trees in your garden and end up with spare apples, please don’t let them go to waste. Bring them along to the Old Saw Mill and we will turn them into our famous apple juice and cider. All the proceeds from sales will be used to enable the OSM to remain open and continue to support our local community. Remember our dedicated team of volunteers take over 80 meals a week to people isolated in their homes. For many this is the only visit they get all week. Your apples really could make all the difference!

If you can’t get your apples to us and can bag them up, we’ll collect them or we can even pick them as well if that would help.

If you bring enough we will even give you a fresh bottle of juice to enjoy.

We usually juice the apples on a Monday and then transfer into bottles on Tuesday. There are up to 4 of us that do this, but not everyone can work every week so if anyone wants to help just call the number below or email

This year we are going to make an effort to collect the apples ourselves where people can’t drop them off at the café or they just have too many such as from a small orchard. This in particular would require more volunteers to help.

We expect that we will start around the third week of August and finish at the end of October

For more details, call in to see us or ring on 01260 277658.