We currently have a variety of our produce available:


Chilli Jam

Mixed Berry Jam

Plum Jam


Christmas Chutney

Orchard Chutney

Prices for our Jars

Small Jars and Jars closer to their use by date are available – 1 for £2 or 3 for £5

Large jars are available – 1 for £3 or 3 for £8


Apple Juice and Cider:

Bottles of AJ & Cider come in 750ml bottles and are available at –

1 bottle £3.50

2 bottles £6

3 bottles £9

6 bottles £17

12 bottles £30

Bottles of our Apple Cider Vinegar come in small 330ml bottles for £2 or large 750ml bottles for £4


As you probably all know by now the Old Saw Mill are now making Mary Brown’s Traditional Congleton Gingerbread. This is absolutely gorgeous if you’re fancying a bit of nostalgia, or even wanting to try something new.

Packets are available 1 for £3 or 2 for £5, we are out at the moment but keep an eye on our pages to see when a fresh batch is ready.