Some of you were slightly confused over what a proggy mat was after the last newsletter so Helen has kindly confirmed the date for her session and provided us with some information on the history of proggy mats and what the session will look like.

Would you like to have a go at an old traditional craft in a relaxing friendly


Then come to the ‘Proggy mat’ session at The Old Saw Mill

On Saturday 23rd April 2022 10am until 2pm

Cost £20

This will cover all materials and refreshments including a light lunch.

Booking in advance with Lili-ann at The Old Saw Mill


These mats have different names in different regions including proggy (North East),

tab or peg (Yorkshire), clootie basses (Scotland) and rag, proddy, dippie, peggy and

hooky in a variety of regions.

These rugs were originally from the early 20th century. They were made out of old

sacks and recycled scraps of cloth (old clothes). As part of the ‘Make do and mend’

spirit they were very much part of the community and would involve all family

members in the making of them! These rugs were an economical way of keeping feet warm before the era of fitted carpets. How nice to step out of bed onto a warm rug instead of cold lino! It was quite a tradition to have a new mat for Christmas usually a door mat.

The session – what will it involve?

You will be provided with all of the materials and tools to have a go at making a small

proggy mat. We will go through step by step how to approach it. It takes more than a

few hours to start and complete one but you will be able to take home all of the

materials to complete the project. We will be using hessian and felt material but you

can always do another one at home with an old sack and some old clothes. There will be an instruction sheet so you don’t have to worry about remembering everything. There is a suggested method in which to finish them when all the proggying is done! It is a very enjoyable and easy craft to get to grips with and once you get started you can go at your own pace.

There are a number of groups throughout the country attempting to keep this craft

alive. The craft does not have to be restricted to rugs. You can make wall hangings,

framed pictures, cushion covers, bags etc. We could have an Old Saw Mill Proggy Mat group if there was enough interest.

The maximum number of people for this session is 10 but if it proves popular there

will be another session offered at another date.

Hope to see you there! Helen