Twang Tastic
Paul Adby, of U3A and Spy Shadows fame, has built up a great following for his ‘Paul Adby – Music from the Twangtastic 50’s and 60s’ Facebook Live events. Lots of his 2,000 followers listen into his and Jeannie’s weekly sessions, usually Friday or Sunday evenings at 8pm on Facebook.
As the cafe is slowly opening up, Paul has asked us to host his Twangtastic Show live on Friday 13th August. The plan is to open around 6.30pm and provide some food and plenty of drinks so that we’re all ready to give Paul and Jeannie’s show a cafe full of audience participation that has been so missing during Covid.
Tickets will be an easy £5 including simple buffet food for a fascinating evening enjoying something really different that has come out of the pandemic!
First come, first served.